The governance and day-to-day management of the Trust is a responsibility held by six Trustees who bring a wealth of experience from various fields and between them have many decades of experience in international development.

The Trustees receive no remuneration for their work and adhere to a strict code of conduct, including The CIFA Trust’s Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy. See below for a brief bio of the Trustees.

Anthony Hovey

Anthony has a Masters degree in Tropical Agricultural Development. From 1984 to 2004, he worked full-time throughout Africa and in North Korea with a number of non-governmental organisations, as well as the UN, World Bank, and the UK’s Department for International Development.

Amanda Caine

Amanda is the Trust’s Treasurer. A chartered accountant, she has worked in senior finance positions within the charity sector for many years, including Oxfam and FARM-Africa.

Vincent Gainey

Vince has worked in overseas development for many years. He is currently a Livelihoods Advisor (Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change) with the UK’s Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office.

Luke Harman

Luke is a Senior Social Protection Advisor at Save the Children UK with over ten years experience in international development policy and programming. Luke holds a PhD from the University of London for his research on agricultural and health subsidies in Africa and has an MSc in Development Economics.

Luke profile photo

Mark Andrews

Mark has a degree in International Politics and Law. While at university he spent a month in Kenya working in a homeless shelter and ran a local charity that supported local causes. After graduating, Mark became a Trust Fundraising and Project Development Officer in a local charity and moved from being an Intern at The CIFA Trust to a Trustee responsible for fundraising.

Peter Biggers

Peter has an honours degree in urban and regional planning. Early in his career he worked in Malawi on a project to decentralise urban growth to secondary centres. Although his career since has been principally in the UK he has retained strong charitable links with Malawi and became a CIFA trustee in 2023 to assist in fundraising and project management.

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