The CIFA Trust

Helping communities overseas to overcome obstacles to long-term improvements in wellbeing.

Why we're a bit... different

We operate with next to no overheads

Unlike most NGOs, we operate with no paid staff and no office. Instead, we are run by a team of dedicated Trustees with decades of experience in international development. This means your donations go to where they are needed most. We even recently moved to free web hosting!

We start by listening to the communities we serve

All of our projects start by listening to the communities that we serve. By speaking with them from the start we can better understand their aspirations, the obstacles they face and how best to overcome them.

We focus on small but lasting solutions to poverty

Some NGOs focus on the number of people they can reach. We prefer to focus on the impact we make. We'd rather reach smaller numbers of people if it means they will benefit from more lasting changes. Our focus on sustainability also means a strong focus on the environmental impact of our work.

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